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Around The Office - September 2017

| September 07, 2017
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Back To School!

Well, the unofficial close of summer is in the books. Social media and our phones have been flooded with first day of school pictures and for some parents, they could not be happier.  For others, getting the kids back on the bus means having a bit more free time to add some more structure back into our daily lives.  Here at the firm, the theme for the month is just that ”Back to School.” Throughout the month our blog and social media channels will focus on those topics that are relevant to parents now that the kids are at their desks.  This is also a perfect time to reevaluate your savings goals, especially when it comes to things like college funding and how it relates to your overall financial plan.  Today, one can expect to live in retirement a lot longer than in years past.  Conversely, if all goes well, your kids will spend a short four years obtaining an undergraduate degree.  This time is just a fraction of how long your money will need to last once you enter into retirement.  A frequent conversation we have with clients is that if you plan well, you should not have to sacrifice your golden years trying to fund your children’s education. We provide our clients with the tools to help prepare for this potential financial strain.  Programs such as 529 plans that offer tax benefits are a major source of funding college goals. We know the process can be daunting, but we are here to help.  Give us a call today to get started or just to see if you are on track.

Play Ball

To help celebrate the Town of Fairfield’s 375th anniversary four years ago, a few town employees decided to start an annual charity Wiffle Ball event (also created in Fairfield). The proceeds from the tournament benefit the town’s Police, Fire and Public Works Departments.  Last year, your team at Rocco & Associates took the championship trophy home.  This year, we were back at it again on August 26th.  The competition this year was even tougher than last but Team Rocco & Associates battled to the semifinal round and was eventually beaten by the team that went on to the finals and lost to Fairfield University. A great time was had by all the 16 teams that entered.  Events like this one, that directly benefit the community that we have been so fortunate enough to operate in for over 40 years, are core to our firm’s philosophy of constantly giving back.  We have already started to practice for next year to hopefully regain our title and add another trophy to our office.  If you would like to get involved next year, email

Friends of The Bigelow Center for Senior Activities Celebrates One Year Anniversary

One year ago, a group of Fairfield residents was assembled to form the Friends of The Bigelow Center for Senior Activities.  This 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization set forth a mission to raise funds, awareness and to promote the Bigelow Senior Center located in Fairfield at 100 Mona Terrace. Our own Eric Johnson was fortunate enough to be asked to sit on this board to assist in carrying out the group’s mission.  In just one short year, the group has made great strides through several successful community outreach events, partnered with the Park and Recreation Department to hold its first ever outdoor concert and is in the planning stages for a gala event in the spring and a car show this fall.  Although there is still much work to be done, the group recently took some time out to celebrate the one year milestone at Woodfield Village Commons in the Stratfield section of town.  If you would like to know how you too can get involved, email

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